Speeding Up Your Site’s Load Time Can Boost Sales and Traffic

If you are wondering is your website speed can affect your sales, then the answer is a big YES. Various search engines, including Google, penalize websites which load slowly. It also negatively affects the traffic as users stop visiting, bouncing as well as stop buying from slow sites.

If you decrease the loading time of your site to even a second, it would drastically increase traffic and sales. Several tricks and tools can be used for helping the website to load faster. It would also improve your search engine rankings while attracting more traffic.

How does site loading time matter?

As per a 2018 Google research, 53% of mobile users exit a site which takes more than three seconds for loading. This is a major issue as the same study stated that the average mobile websites take up to 15 seconds for loading. These statistics are conducted over various platforms and browsers, and they always emphasize the need for fast-loading sites for experiencing effective conversion rates and customer retention. Every second can make you lose customers and visitors.

How can you speed up your site?

The total size of your images and script files is the first indicator of a website’s speed. Just resizing your files can make a significant impact on loading your site faster. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Adjust the image size and shrink the images for saving load time and space. You can even use a different format for compressing the image without losing details.
  • Move the Cascading Stylesheets snippets and JavaScript rules to an external file rather than putting the same code in all the pages.
  • Use a cache so that your browser doesn’t have to generate the same page dynamically every time. Various plugins can cache the latest version of the pages.
  • Your browser might get confused with too many redirects. This would obviously slow down the loading time. Check your redirects and try to simplify them.

By following these simple steps, you would end up saving a lot of space and speeding up the loading time of your site. This would boost more sales and traffic, making your website a success.