What one should know about an interview before attending it?

Job is a crucial part of our living and in order to crack the interviews, there are certain criteria which the individual needs to pass. The etiquette and manners are observed in order to distinguish the competitive candidates from the others in selection.

What are the qualities that are looked into in an employee?

The qualities that are looked in an employee are,

  • The way you enter into the room
  • The way you walk
  • Smile
  • Appearance – Formal clothes
  • Addressing the panel
  • Strong handshake
  • Confidence
  • Frequent eye-contact
  • Good posture while sitting
  • Awareness about the company and its operations
  • The repetition of words
  • How you deal with questions asked
  • How do you handle stressful situations
  • Optimism
  • Respect
  • Body gestures
  • Efficiency in verbal communication
  • Proficiency in language
  • Quality of your expression

What should be avoided in an interview?

  • Tension
  • Fashion and trendy wears
  • Unnecessary gestures
  • Lack of confidence
  • Deficiency in communication
  • Nervousness
  • Grammar mistakes
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Lack of integrity

These are the dos and do nots in terms of an interview which are strictly observed and noted down to recruit competitive employers into the company to put forward a healthy competition to others in the market by which they attain the goal of success.

What are the frequently asked questions in an interview?

There are certain questions that are frequently asked in an interview. They are,

Why did you choose this particular company?

How much do you expect as salary?

What are your expectations from the job here?

What are your duties and responsibilities going to be with the post of this?

Why did you leave that company? (In case of an experienced employee)

Do you have anything to ask?